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You want to feel joy in your life, but even getting out of bed is getting harder every day.

Trying to go to sleep at night makes you wish there was an off switch just behind your ear.

You are tired of fighting the feelings and pretending they are not there.

Life is no longer manageable and you know there has to be an easier way.

There is an easier way.

Depression does not define you. The wounds of life do not define you.

You can feel joy again.

Depression comes in many forms and for many reasons. It comes uninvited, when you least expect it or even when you know its downpours are looming ahead. It still comes.

Let me tell you the story of Annie.

Story of Annie

Annie started out life like most do. She believed in joy. She believed in herself. She had great hopes for the future.

As she grew, Annie experienced hurtful life events. These events didn’t always make sense and often people didn’t understand what she was going through.

As Annie made her way through life the weight of her experiences really settled in. The cloud of depression came to her house to visit and decided to stay. Annie also found herself dealing with the loss of a loved one, frayed and tattered relationships, and chronic illness, all of which lead to even more depression.

Annie was beginning to feel like life was just too hard to bear.

Then Annie made a connection. While surfing the web, came across a number for counseling and therapy services. She called. She was nervous, and she even hung up once. Then she took the chance…………

Annie learned that she wasn’t alone. She learned that she could find joy even amidst life’s many challenges. She discovered she could heal, she could learn new ways of coping and thinking. She began to see the sunlight through those dark clouds. She began to see a chance for a healthy life.

She began to experience joy.

You can too.

It is there waiting for you, along with the support of Everyday Counts Therapy Services.

Call now and find your joy!

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